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About cookies


Cookies are small text files that are installed on your computer or device when you visit our websites.
Here is the list that we mainly use on our sites: Google Analytics, Google Map.



Cookies generally expire at the latest 24 months after being placed on the user’s computer or mobile terminal.



If you refuse to have cookies installed on your computer or mobile device, you can configure your browser to limit or exclude the use of cookies. Your browser can provide you with information relating to the setting of cookies. In particular, you can configure your browser to alert you as soon as a visited website uses cookies. You can also configure your browser to refuse all cookies or accept certain types of cookies. In general, you can deactivate the cookie functionality on your browser, without affecting the ergonomics of your visit to the TEAMS Phone site.

Refuse or delete Cookies through your browser software

In this way, you can at any time choose to deactivate all or part of the Cookies and / or configure your browser so that it notifies you of the Cookies deposited progressively in your terminal and ask you to accept them or not (at case by case or in full). Disabling all cookies will not prevent you from using our site under normal conditions, as no cookie is essential to its operation.

If you are using Internet Explorer browser: click on the “Tools” button, then “Internet Options”. Under the general tab “Browsing history”, click on “Settings”. Then click on “View files” and select the cookie (s) you wish to deactivate. Then close the window containing this list of Cookies and double click on “OK” to return to the Internet.

If you are using the Firefox browser: click on the Firefox menu icon, then on the “Tools” button, then “Options”; in the window that appears, choose “Privacy” and click on “Delete Specific Cookies”. Select the Cookies you want to deactivate and delete them.

If you use the Safari browser: click on the “Settings” button, then “Preferences”. In the window that appears, choose “Confidentiality / Security”, and click on “Display cookies”. Select the cookies you wish to deactivate, then click on “Delete” or on “Delete all”.

If you are using the Chrome browser: click on the Google Chrome menu icon, then “Settings”. At the bottom of the page, click “Show advanced settings”. In the “Confidentiality” section, click on “Content settings”. To deactivate Cookies:

  • Select “Prohibit all sites from storing data”
  • Click on “Cookies and site data”, then move the mouse over the site that created the Cookie, and click on “X” in the right corner, or click on “Delete all”.

Refuse or delete an audience measurement cookie

If you do not want our site to save Cookies in your browser for audience measurement purposes, you can click on the following deactivation links which will store a Cookie within your browser, the sole purpose of which is to deactivate them:
Google Analytics:

Please note, these Cookies make it possible to measure the traffic and / or the audience, associated with our website, the pages visited and the interactions carried out on the site during your visit. Disabling them therefore prevents any collection of information relating to your browsing on our Site and therefore the proposal of editorial content adapted to your browsing.



To find out more about cookies, we invite you to consult the All About Cookies page:

Nous vous contactons pour voir le forfait
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Nous vous contactons pour voir le forfait
qui vous correspond le mieux